999 Shaving Brushes feature five striking handles each designed to suit our clients' style. 





EDGE - Resin Handle with Natural Bristles

VITAL - Resin Handle with Natural Bristles

TIMBER - Wooden Handle with Natural Bristles

RED - Resin Handle with Natural Bristles

TRUST - Solid Acrylic Handle with Natural Bristles



The performance of a shaving brush depends not only on the quality and type of bristles used but also on how the knots are formed. Since inception we have always built the Knots in-house. The process starts with weighing the bristles to ensure that the knot size is consistent. Once the bristles are weighed we then form the knots using our proprietary jigs designed exclusively for this function. We then complete the formation of the knot by using a special epoxy. Our three step gluing process minimizes the shedding of the bristles. The knots are formed in a way that splays easily allowing the brush to retain water and air needed to create a fuller lather. We only use Natural Bristles or Boar Bristles for all our models. For best results when using 999 Shaving Brushes we suggest that the brush be soaked in hot or warm water for a few minutes before each shave. Doing this allows the brush to soak up water making it soft and resulting in a rich warm lather and a comfortable shave.



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