999 Shaving Brushes was established in 1996 in New Delhi, India. We came upon the idea because of a lack of quality shaving brushes in the market. The brushes available were either made of nylon bristles that would lose its texture when used with warm water or the handles were made of inexpensive wood or plastic that lacked elegance, style or ergonomics. Our first generation brush featured an elegant wooden handle made out of seasoned rosewood and natural boar bristles. The handle was styled to fit comfortably in the hand and work the brush to give a fantastic shaving experience. The wooden handle was further lacquered and polished to make it water resistant. We also started using acrylic handles that helped us diversify our product line.


In 2014 we introduced our new line of brushes that featured handles made of resin. We choose resin as it gave us the flexibility to design handles with different shapes and colors. We continue to use natural boar bristles for our knots that are assembled in-house using jigs designed by us. We also use the finest quality of boar bristles which gives us the best spread and finest shave. One unique feature of our brush is that it can be soaked in hot/warm water for a comfortable clean shave every time.


999 Shaving Brushes are marketed and sold through our parent company MarktSq.com which is based out of O'Fallon, Missouri. For your convenience we have linked each model to it's page on MarktSq.com where you can process your order through our secure checkout using one of the four major credit cards or through Paypal. All orders are shipped out within 1 to 2 business days.

Visit us at our Etsy Store. Here you can purchase any of our five models, read the customer reviews and share your experience.


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Email: info@marktsq.com

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